Worship Set: Sept. 24 & 25 2011

US: part 2 - Turning Points...thank you Pastor Dennis for an amazing message & challenge to take action at the end of the service. Dennis challenged us at the end of his message, to come forward to dishes of oil, dip your finger in it & place it somewhere (like on your forehead) & pray for God's anointing over your life & over our church. People poured into the aisles & took action.

The SONGS of the weekend: 

"Salvation is here" // Artist: Hillsong // Album: God He Reigns

"Your Love Never Fails" // Artist: Chris Quilala // Album: Your Love Never Fails

"You Are, You Are Lord"//Artist:Hillsong //Album: Crossroads Live Worship

"Awakening" // Artist: Hillsong Live // Album: God Is Able (Dlx Ed)

"Always" // Artist: Kristian Stanfill // Album: Passion: Here 
for You

The BITS of the weekend: 

Love this passion...from a dear friend, gifted writer & choir member...

Welcome to the band Lucy (the guitar)


Dennis sharing what is going to happen at the end of the service

~Plaid day~

                   Poppy & grand-babies & they are really, 

                really good at getting around on an iPhone. 

Sam & Micah


Also....We said goodbye to Bryce this weekend.

I'll always remember fun, creative moments like the photo on the screen here...Painting Bryce on Easter a few years ago. I remember Bryce moving here as an intern, meeting his wife, walking through deep loss in each of our families & on our team. Playing for his wedding, his support through my difficult pregnancies & maternity leaves...A lot has happened in 6 years. We'll miss him! 

We had a huge dinner last night with the band & their families to show our appreciation for Bryce. I don't have the pics yet, will share later. 

Green chile, beans, rice, beef & potato filling, salsas, guac... It was yummo & very fun to have everyone over to just hang. Last night's dinner again, become this morning's burritos for volunteers...

My favorite picture of the weekend..my lil buddy in training...

The end :)