Worship Set: Sept. 3 & 4, 2011

"Greatly to Be Praised" // Artist: Fee // Album: Hope Rising

"You are My Passion" // Artist: Jesus Culture // Album: Come Away (Deluxe Edition)

"The Greatness of Our God" // Artist: Hillsong Live // Album: A Beautiful Exchange

"Let the Waters Rise" // Artist: MIKESCHAIR // Album: MIKESCHAIR

*this song was written by Ben Glover - old friend from Loveland. Best songwriter eva, which is why he won last year's ASCAP songwriter of the year. WOOP-WOOP, Ben! 

"In Liberty" // Artist: Parachute Band // Album: Technicolor

The lovely bits:

handsome hubs playing drums...

He's going, "seriously, stop."

Getting ready to hit this sweet set with rad people! 

Sunday, bright & early...


Micah-Boy playing with the band Sunday morning...

My Mike (hubs)...was on drums this weekend, so that means the kiddies come with us "Early-Early." That's what we call it. Sometimes they freak out, "I DON'T LIKE EARLY-EARLY!" Sometimes its, "Yay! Early-Early!" Every time they come they have a ball...
Here they are running across the chairs. I happen to love it & think of growing up running around the balcony at church, slithering from the back to the front under the pews. 

OMGosh - then we got upstairs during the 8:30 service to get snacks & Roger had an omelette bar! 

...The line...was totally fun, I might add...

I've gotta get my cables under control...

Dee, what an incredible story. Thank you for sharing with us all 4 services! 

Sophia (my dolly, age 4) painted my nails on Saturday night after church. I looked down on Sunday & they're totally still crazy. I look down today on Wednesday, same. Every once in a while, in public, I explain.

This sweet shirt I wore this weekend was my 90 year old Grammie's. 
I'm looking for a picture of her in it. The hippest, funniest woman ever. 

Sunday AM - Fall - PERFECT

Angry Birds T - just looking at it made me wanna go play. 

[random] After church I ran to JAX for 60% off North Face. Got this awesome coat because someday I'll ski again....

And this cup was at the register......and I've seen this before, but after this weekend, I was oozing love all over it. Telling the girl, "AHhhh....Isn't that the truth!" Then I actually said loudly, "I'm wanna go paint that somewhere!" I haven't & probably won't. Just bubbling over with love & had just had way too much coffee. 


the end.