Worship Set: August 27 & 28, 2011

Wow, week 2 of TRUST was SO good. Carl was great & we baptized 70+ people this weekend in all 4 services. Plus I have to say, the band had quite a great time together... I don't know if I've laughed that hard in a long time. First I'll list the songs, then I'll post pics that capture bits of our weekend.

"The TIme Has Come" // Artist: Jesus Culture // Album: We Cry out

"It's Your Love" // Artist: Hillsong // Album: Faith+Hope+Love

"One Thing Remains" // Artist: Jesus Culture //Album: Come Away (Deluxe Ed.)

"Stand in Awe" // Artist: Jeremy Riddle // Album: Jeremy Riddle

"Never Once" // Artist: Matt Redman // Album: 10,000 Reasons

The Bits:

my view...keys playing through MainStage on my mac. 

Sam, (2nd from left, electric guitar playing in the band), got baptized today. AWESOME!!

So did Kim, from choir!....and over 70 others this weekend, 46 last weekend!

Jon & Chris, blurry, but I snapped it anyway. 
This was during "One Thing Remains" & SO many people were being baptized. 
 was attempting to capture all that was going on~SO incredible.

Dad talking to the people who were just baptized...

Carl - - great message! Here he's talking about when we were kids & you'd hear, "I know you are but what am I?" And that as a Christ follower, no matter what people say to you, you can come back with, "I know I am, but I'm with Him." There was more great stuff in his message, this is just exactly what he was saying when I snapped the pic of him. LOL.

My in-ears are currently broken so I'm using the shure E5s - but boy, I took my foams out (far right) & they were NARLY. Like they had just come out of acid ears. I know, gross, oh well. After a minute they puffed back up & looked normal. Annie is in the middle & Jon or Chris Z is on the left. :) 

After church Jackson found this cone & his favorite game right now is "Plants vs Zombies" so, anyway...I think I just found a REALLY cheap Halloween costume...

Then after-after that, we ran to SAMS. These lil monkey were splashing in puddles. 

The End. xo