Worship Set: July 16 & 17, 2011

This week, we launched a new series, CRAZY LOVE. And boy was it killer.

Listen to the message here.

The Fantabulous Song Set:

Come to the River: Parachute Band

[worship leader: Chris Bell]

Open My Eyes: Hillsong

[worship leader: Chris Bell]

Always: Kristian Stanfill

 [worship leader: Chris Zickrick]

Mighty to Save: Hillsong

[worship leader: Jessica Perez - female lead key of E]

How Great Thou Art: Carrie Underwood arr.

 [worship leader: Anne Martinez]

John, Sam, Chris Z, Anne, Scottie, Chris B & Ian 

Our Sappy, Picture Happy Moments...

Our lead guitarist John, is leaving for med school next weekend & we just got crazy reminiscent, sappy and maybe even a little picture happy.. Now, this is just a portion of our fun, wildly talented Crossroads band. Seriously, this is only about a quarter of the amazing Crossroads band.

Opening with "Come to the River."
Foot shot. Why not? 

Anne taught us how to do a jumping picture...

The key to successful jumping pic:
-person taking pic needs to get down low
-count to 3 & jump

How RAD are these? 

This would have been so awesome, but our heads are cut off. Oh well, try again...
This pic made on with my iPhone app, DIPTIC. My new favorite photo app. 
[Lessons To Worship leaders]:

Plan a worship set that requires the band to have hyper-focus. I'd rather risk fumbling with challenging changes & arrangements, than have them playing on autopilot. 

As you keep songs familiar & heavily rotated for church, the band gets so familiar that they go into autopilot mode. I like to keep them on the edge of their seats playing with passion & nerves. The reward is so much bigger when it takes more to put together.
Teams play.

Like kids, have FUN, be silly & play together.