EASTER 2011 Worship set:

Chris Bell leading "Our God"

Worship set: 
Beautiful Things: Gungor

(worship leader: Bryce Carlson) 

Your Name High: Hillsong
(worship leader: Andrew Witt) 

Our God: Chris Tomlin 
(worship leader: Chris Bell) 

It's Your Love: Hillsong 
(worship leader: Jessica Perez & Anne Martinez) 

Christ is Risen: Matt Maher 
(worship leader: Bryce Carlson)

Forever Reign: Hillsong 
(worship leader: Bryce Carlson) 

Here are some more pictures: 

I love this...The staging, piano & choir all added so much. 

So proud of my dad. INCREDIBLE Easter message 
[the coolest worship choir ever]

...You make me new, You are making me new...

We had to end an incredible weekend with a family picture