Can YOU still be Creative?

I heard one of our pastors recently say that you aren't going to find friends, you MAKE friends. Well guess what else? You're not going to just find inspiration or creative living until you take action. We are creative people by nature, but as we get older it continues to get blocked out. How & why does this happen? It is stuffed out of our schedules, homes, work spaces & minds. And because we're walking around as seasoned (could we even be scarred & sensitive?) adults.

We start to believe that being creative is not:


  • Professional

  • A wise use of time

These are some of the things that stop us from even trying. Have you also started to believe... 

  • This is immature
  • People will think its stupid
  • There are already others who do it better

Guess what? Do it anyway. Who cares. My youngest son used to call grown ups "growing ups." I loved this because I think it's best if we just see ourselves as growing ups. We're on a journey & there are things that you love, things you have potential to grow in. Things that you can still do! 

WHAT IF you actually started to:

  • LOOSEN UP! Don't take yourself too seriously
  • Try something you've always wanted to
    • Get a big kid camera & learn to use it
    • Pick up that certification!
    • Start blogging & writing
    • Start music lessons
    •  By a canvas and some paints
    • Open an Etsy Shop!
    • Realize you're good at something & it might even inspire others!

Where do you even start? 

Do you know that you can't even access any good ideas or inspiration when you are on the go, go, go? Your best ideas actually come to the surface in moments of stillness & quiet. I first heard about this in a session from one of the authors of The Power of Full Engagement on Managing Energy not Time. This is why some of your best ideas start coming out at 2am - 3am. It's not your mind's fault that you didn't take a second or an hour to be quiet. Build space into your day. Change your setting. Take a walk outside. Get markers out & draw. Paint a wall. Sit at an instrument & play. 

If you've known me for any length of time at all, slowing down & being quiet is not my nature & it has had to be learned, developed & fostered. Now, I LOVE being alone. I LOVE silence. I LOVE controlling my thoughts & mind. And when I let myself go to that place, the ideas & passion starts to flow - AND I SLEEP BETTER AT NIGHT! 

The Songs from Feb 18/19

Here are the songs from this weekend at Crossroads Church. I say it every week, but OH MY GOSH I loved this weekend & the set of music we sang as a church. These are songs to keep with you this week. I know I will! I'm also so grateful that I get to lead with the most talented, genuine, sweet, loyal team. I love this team!

The Songs:

Lifeline // Hillsong Young & Free
Jesus // Chris Tomlin
Withholding Nothing // William McDowell
Your Grace Amazes Me // Christy Nockels
Your Love Awakens Me // Phil Wickham

The Songs of Triennial 2016

I had the absolute honor & privilege to lead worship for Triennial, a women's conference, that takes place every 3 years. I led with a diverse, all girl band that came together from all around the US. It can be a challenge for female worship leaders to arrange songs that are written by men & recorded in male keys. Here are the keys we did the songs in. Women, go for it. You'll discover in your local churches as well, your men in the crowd may sing bigger in your "girl key!" 

Thursday Evening:

  • Open Up the Heavens (Bb)  // Vertical Church Band
  • How Great Thou Art (G - A) // Carrie Underwood
  • Cornerstone (C) // Hillsong United
  • Come to Me (A) // Bethel Music
  • Good, Good Father (D) // Chris Tomlin
  • No Longer Slaves (C) // Bethel Music

Friday Morning:

  • Mighty to Save (E) & spanish chorus' // Hillsong United
  • My Heart is Yours (C) // Kristian Stanfill
  • I Surrender All (C) // Traditional
  • I Surrender (Bb) // Hillsong United
  • Not for a Moment (E) // Vertical Church Band
  • Desert Song (D) // Hillsong United
  • Holy Spirit (D) // Jesus Culture

Friday Evening:

  • This is Living (A) // Hillsong Y&F
  • Glorious (D) // BJ Putnam
  • Search My Heart (D) // Hillsong
  • Lord I Need You (D) // Matt Maher
  • No One Higher/The Stand (D) // Steve Fee
  • My Heart is Yours (C) // Kristian Stanfill
  • (tag)I Surrender All (C) // Traditional

Saturday Morning:

  • This is Amazing Grace (D) // Phil Wickham
  • How Great is our God (F) // Chris Tomlin
  • Perfume a tus pies (E) // Jaz Jabob

Saturday Evening:

  • Awesome (E) // Charles Jenkins
  • You are Good (E) // Israel Houghton
  • Good, Good Father (D) // Chris Tomlin
  • No Longer Slaves (C) // Bethel Music
  • Oceans in spanish (Donde Mis Pies Pueden Fallar) (D) // Hillsong

Sunday Morning:

  • Glorious (D) // BJ Putnam
  • Holy Spirit (D) // Francesca Battistelli
  • Broken Vessels (G) // Hillsong United
  • Perfume a Tus Pies (E) // Jaz Jacob
  • Cornerstone (C) // Hillsong

*(Key signatures) Included for female worship leaders

Psalms of Summer songs...

Fierce // Jesus Culture

I Will Look Up // Elevation Worship

You Make Me Brave // Bethel Music

Only King Forever // Elevation Worship

Oh How I Need You // All Sons & Daughters

Search My Heart // Hillsong United

Holy Spirit // Francesca Battistelli

Always // Kristian Stanfill (Passion)

Cornerstone // Hillsong

Here for You // Matt Redman

I Am Not Alone // Kari Jobe

No Longer Slaves // Bethel Music

Anchor // Bethel Music

My Heart is Yours // Kristian Stanfill (Passion)

Restless // Audrey Assad

Good Good Father // Housefires 

When the Fight Calls // Hillsong Y & F

Waiting Here for You // Christy Nockels (Passion) 

To My Knees // Hillsong Young & Free

How He Loves // David Crowder

10,000 Reasons // Matt Redman

Come Away // Bethel Music


Midwest Conference Annual Celebration 2016 Worship music

Thursday Night

All Creatures of Our God and King // Scott Holthaus arr. 

Great Are You Lord // All Sons & Daughters

Called Me Higher // All Sons & Daughters

Be Thou My Vision // Gungor 

Friday Morning

10,000 Reasons // Matt Redman

Friday Afternoon

Oh How I Need You // All Sons & Daughter

Forever Reign (girl key Eb) // Hillsong

To Our God // Bethel Music

Cornerstone // Hillsong

Friday Night

Alive w/ rap // Hillsong Young & Free

God Is Able // Hillsong

Mighty to Save english/spanish // Hillsong

Because of Who You Are // Various

Oceans // Hillsong

No Longer Slaves // Bethel Music