Interactive Chalk Boards

I first saw these boards at the Purpose Driven Essentials conference at Saddleback Church this fall. My friend Mingo on staff does killer creative things (including renovating a MOTORHOME for Purpose Driven Church touring!!! OMG!) & so I got more details from him so we could make them for Crossroads. Here are some pics & info in case you want to add them to your church, school, cafe, patio!

First off, the sky view/material list... 

6 - 4x8 MDF boards. (smooth & great to write/draw on)
Flat black paint
Frame to attach the boards to
Connect in the middle to secure them.

Here is the inspiration from Saddleback's patio. 

Here are the boards we made for a weekend series called, "INSPIRED." I love how they turned out & people really enjoyed adding to them & reading what others had to say.

I can see these done anywhere! Here are some ideas to get your brain inspired to make them! 

Sample Questions for a School: 
-What was the highlight of your summer? 
-What is your favorite subject or time of day at Bethke? 
-What are you looking forward to this year?

Sample Questions for a Coffee Shop: 
-What do you do to relax?
-What is your favorite Colorado activity? 
-How can we be more kind to one another? 

Sample Questions for a Leaders: 
-Best advice to give a seasoned leader?
-Who is the best mentor you ever had? 
-How do you stay fresh & inspired?

Let me know your thoughts & if you decide to make them or have any questions - and then OF COURSE send me your pics! That's my favorite part of creating & sharing! 
I can't wait to see what you do!

Jessica Perez