Instagram Wall!
I discovered Social Print Studio & I'm a HUGE FAN! We have this wall of memories in our entryway & there's another wall of memories in my office. See the post about our Creative Team office to see what we did in there. 

I started by logging in & selecting a ton of my favorite moments, then one morning this literally happened. SOOOO please excuse my robe! And thank you to my oldest son Jackson, for capturing it. :) Hahaha! 

This is nuts too. I actually used a level & used a string & tacks as a guide! That's a first and a last. :D You have to be a little bit of a free spirit to start pinning a lot of pictures all over a wall & not obsess over how even it is. So, if you have a boring wall, you're stuck & a little gutsy, go for it!
By the way, Social Print Studio has a lot of options, you don't HAVE to have an Instagram account. Upload others or log into Facebook.

Ok, here's my terrible, boring wall! #Ew!

This wall is filled with neighbors, family, old friends, new friends, church highlights, dance recitals, karate, soccer, piano recitals, skiing, camping, holidays & more. I hang some of our neighbor faves down low so the little ones can see them. Whenever kids run through, they stop, look & reminisce.

I can't wait to see your wall & you'll love to see it add value to your friend's & family's lives by seeing incredible memories highlighted all in one place! 
XO - jess

Jessica Perez