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Love people. Cook them tasty food.

Mushroom Leek Galette

I discovered this galette from America's test kitchen & it started an avalanche of gorgeous, creative galettes! These are classy, delicious & FAST! Whether it's Thanksgiving, Christmas dinner, a mommy & mimosas morning. These win every time!

Lamb Barbacoa

WHAT. This is a Rick Bayless favorite! We love lamb & we love Barbacoa. Or slow roasted anything that you wrap in tortillas, right? This is just another beautiful, cozy, family plate. 

Momma's Green Chile

Momma's Green Chile

I love having green chile be the star of green chile. Sound redundant? It's really not. Depending on where you're from, seasonings & ingredients differ. Mine is a 5 ingredient sauce & a full flavored Anaheim takes center stage here! Breakfast burritos are available by the dozen monthly. Email to get in on the next batch!